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In this section you will learn more about the company Ative Hash.
4+specialists work
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Experience in the cryptocurrency marketpan

Cloud mining company

Antonio Melone e Leandro Guilhermano, are the founders of the project. Both have the same view on the cryptocurrency market and how profitable that market can be. The project started with an idea on a social network, and gradually took shape until it became what it is today

Mining is the most profitable way to make a profit

We have no doubt that cryptocurrency mining is a profitable business and many people think so too. That is why the idea of creating a project that offers people the necessary processing power service so that they can earn income from cryptocurrency mining is very well accepted.

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Well-structured projecttPillars of our project

Professional approach to service is the key to success

8+involved in the project

Ative Hash consulted more than 8 professionals, in the area of high-performance mining with reduced risks. Our team is formed not only by analysts and technicians in IT, but also by professionals from different areas of interest, as this improves the performance of the project. It is because of this approach that we manage our business successfully.


Ative Hash is a company that has an official registration in the Brasil jurisdiction and performs its activities on completely legal basis.

ContractEvery mining plan purchased is generated by a contract between the parties
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